Change Communication

Organisational change can manifest itself in many different guises. The key to effective change is to ensure that your workforce travels with you. Whether you are about to embark on a period of change or you want to engage with your workforce following a period of change I can assist you. I can support you to consider your workforce options and how to implement change.

Whilst change can be unnerving, by working together and ensuring that there is an effective communication strategy in place you can help your employees feel informed and engaged from the early stages.

Redundancy and Restructure Support

Whether your organisation is facing a restructure, a redundancy situation or both I can guide you through the process whilst ensuring that all individuals are dealt with respectfully and fairly.

I can provide independent advice and guidance from ensuring that there is a redundancy policy and procedure in place to assisting in the redundancy process. Whether your organisation has a HR team or not redundancy and restructure situations are very time consuming therefore having an independent person involved can be extremely beneficial particularly in cases where individuals are also personally affected.

TUPE - The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations

Whether your business is planning to take over another organisation or part of your business is being taken over I can guide you through the process ensuring that both your organisation and its employees are protected.

As with many instances of organisational change TUPE does not just impact the individuals who transfer but also their colleagues. TUPE can leave employees, whether transferring in or out or those remaining, feeling vulnerable. In such instances communication is key and I can support you to devise an effective communication strategy to help your employees feel informed from the early stages. By keeping the lines of communication open employees are much more likely to part your organisation with a feeling of good will or in the case of employees transferring into the organisation to feel welcome.