Staff Handbooks

Working closely with you to understand your company ethos I can create a bespoke staff handbook that outlines your company's key policies, vision and values. Ensuring that it is clear and easily accessible to all staff your staff handbook will act as a guide to your employees from the start of their journey with you and identify your shared common goals and objectives. In essence having a good updatable staff handbook will aid the positive working relationship between your company and its employees.

Staff Surveys

Communication is a two-way street and effective communication can go a long way in terms of increasing employee satisfaction which ultimately leads to a stronger employment relationship. Working in partnership with your company I will gain a thorough insight into it’s vision, values and goals. By understanding the history of your company and your future objectives I can create a bespoke survey which will ask relevant key questions in order to obtain valuable staff feedback. The survey will also ask for general feedback to ensure that staff are able to respond fully. The results of the survey will be analysed and a full report produced along with recommendations under each of the key areas

Workplace Mediation

There are a number of reasons as to why workplace disputes occur and no two situations are ever the same. Whether the disagreement stems from a grievance, disciplinary, absence or contractual issue I can work in collaboration with all parties to work towards a mutually agreeable outcome.